In Japan there are different types of roller blinds, which are either made of reed or bamboo. The simple variant, reed is used in front of or at the house against sunlight.
The reeds we offer here are not suitable for outdoor use, rather they are used indoors, between rooms or in summer instead of Shoji.
The Sudare or Misu are made of fine bamboo slats (about 2 mm), incorporating the natural knots to create wonderful works of art.
The borders are made of silk, can be rolled up and hung in the decorated hooks, allowing the passage.

Used in the hot and humid season, they provide light and airy coolness.
In addition, the ladies of the house can look out without being seen.
Lovers of antique Japanese interiors will appreciate these blinds, which are generally in good condition, but they can also be used decoratively in front of windows or as a hint of a room divider in very modern rooms.

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