About us

About us

For many years my carpentry has focused on the production of Japanese sliding doors and complete rooms in the Japanese style.

In 2008, an initially very small online shop was added to serve the increasing demand for the corresponding accessories.
In the meantime, my wife is also supporting me in the increasingly extensive tasks.

In the course of several trips to Japan, we have not only learned more and more about our own offers.
We also traveled to many areas away from the tourist trails and were able to enjoy generous hospitality with friends, acquaintances and business partners.

Almost every family and guest house we visit has at least one tatami room with sliding doors, although in modern Japan old houses are torn down and traces of traditional culture are often underestimated.

Perhaps it is also the contradiction that one perceives with alienation, amazement and enthusiasm and that makes these trips so interesting.
We will definitely be back.

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