Paper samples

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Paper samples

We will gladly send you paper samples!
The advance payment does not apply to sample orders.
For many customers, the handling of Japanese papers for Shoji and Fusuma is new territory. For this reason, we have been sending paper samples to you since our shop was established, as your satisfaction and good advice are very important to us. These sample assortments are handmade, and we would be very grateful if you could send them back to us if you no longer need them.
The size is sufficient to give a good impression of strength, translucency, structure and feel. Please note that a sample of the fibre paper is always only a section of a larger surface, the appearance of which is not exactly identical everywhere.
The sample range of Fusuma papers includes all wallpapers in stock. The base papers for the painted or printed papers are also part of this selection. For special requests we have 4 current catalogues at hand, from whose variety we could order for you in Japan.