Iron Paper

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Iron Paper

Printable, ironable.
Muji and Unryu.
Composition: 60% wood fibres, and 40% PET fibres (a recycled product from old plastic bottles).
Very tear-resistant, 4 times as stable as normal Shoji paper.

Basically, it is possible to print on all Shojipapers.
Ironpaper has the advantage that you can apply it after printing on many different surfaces with an iron.
It is very important not to print the Iron Paper with a laserprinter because the resulting heat would damage the printer.

The special coating of this paper prevents the ink from leaking during printing.
One side is thinly coated with Acrylic, which forms a bond with the substrate through the action of heat at 145-150°C. The other side is coated with Acrylic.

Possible are e.g. furniture surfaces such as built-in cupboards, walls ... but also apply on other paper to obtain a more stable and thicker paper (panel curtains)
Self-designed mural paintings, printed photos and many other diverse uses are conceivable.

This paper is not part of our sample collection. Please order samples separately. They will be sent to you free of charge.

By the way: if you enter the keywords "iron paper shoji" on YouTube, you will find various videos on the subject.

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