Japanese Tatami

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Japanese Tatami
The direct contact to one of the leading Tatami-Manufakturen Kyoto (main supplier of many temples) and a small craft enterprise in Tokyo enables us also the import of individually manufactured mats in Japanese style. This special quality has its price, which (as a first clue) is about three times higher than the mats offered under "High Quality".
The Japanese Tatami are characterized by
- perfect workmanship
- Omote (woven grass surface): Long-fibre and thus long-lasting quality. Four different versions are available. The material comes from organic cultivation in Kumamoto / Kyushu.
The initially greenish omote quickly takes on the typical strawy tatami colour when exposed to light. The even discoloration by a careful selection of the grass is a further quality feature.
- Alternative: Instead of Igusa grass, there is also a woven variant made of Japanese paper (looks similar to Loom network, but without wire). Very robust, various colours, also interesting for modern interiors. Lifetime is 30% longer
- Beri (sideband): You can choose between 84 "house" variants and 66 borders, which are used in temples.
- Core: approx. 90% of all mats today are also made in Japan with soft wood fibre boards. Thickness between 15 and 60 mm (for underfloor heating max. 28 mm thickness is recommended). The treading behaviour is similar to that of a new straw core, the weight of a mat is significantly lower.
- Tea room tatami: For tea rooms a specially made omote in Kyoto size is offered.
For this, grass sorting, chaining and the installation of beri have to meet even more stringent requirements.

Since the mat price depends on many factors and the transport costs are determined by the number of mats ordered, online ordering is not possible. Please contact us directly. We will be happy to send you samples and demonstration material for a deposit and then make you an offer. This process will take some time.
The smell, an important topic!
Please note that the Tatami with straw filling and the Igusa grass surface is a natural product which has its own special smell, which does not appeal to all people, but which is inextricably linked to Japan. This smell, especially on the surface, remains!
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